New Media and Me

Reading both Anne Frances Wysocki and Geoffrey Sirc really resonated with me this week. I think because Wysocki covered the idea of identity online and the idea of “safe space,” something I’m passionate about learning as well. When Wysocki was discussing how identities can evolve online but voices can still be silenced, I knew this was something I wanted to look into. I don’t know what exactly I want to investigate, but the idea of the identities evolving online, whether good or bad (because let’s face it, there’s a pro and con to everything), is something that intrigues me. I think it’s mainly because of my brain always asking me what is a safe space and what does it mean for writing. I keep thinking about how I sort fanfiction as a safe space, but is it? People can still be trolls and voices can be still be silenced. But when I think of my experience with Archive of Our Own, I think of artwork you can find, the community building, the notes, the discussions. In its way it’s a box as well that is never ending and always growing. You find someone who has written a fanfic piece, a person who has done an art drawing of that same piece, the person who did an audio of the piece and then the person who created the soundtrack. They created a community based off this one thing and all of the pieces are different parts working together.

But with Sirc, when he talked about the use of student voice in the the Box Logic, I thought about my own journey with creating a website for the first time. I was so scared but then I just embraced the idea that this was my space and my creation. I didn’t think, though, that in the creation of that project I would start to find my own voice and even more questions for myself. Though the project is necessarily complete for the class, it still feels unfinished to me, similar to what Sirc discussed. I want to go back to it, I know there is more to add, but I know I don’t want to do it with just words. I learned that voice is a multitude of things and many things can express this. But during the creation of this project, I got to learn how to create pages, organize ideas on a new platform and import playlists. It was new and exciting to play around with these new formats to display my process not with words but everything having this golden string connecting it. I think this is where my definition of new media is starting with: saying something without always using words.

Sirc, Geoffrey. “Box-Logic.” Writing New Media, Utah State University Press, 2004, 111-46.

Wysocki, Anne Frances. “Opening New Media to Writing: Openings and Justification.” Writing New Media, Utah State University Press, 2004 1-41.

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  1. Yes, creating a site, esp on something as intuitive as Wix will seem like a box logic approach. It appears that this site is part of an assignment for Teaching of Writing that favors the portfolio (or box logic) approach itself.

    When you mention “safe space” are you using that in a general way or in a way that nods to its specific representation of LGBTQ+ individuals? Either way, I hear you asking about the balance of private and public, about the desire to share online but not wanting to get attacked/bullied/abused in that effort, which is an interesting paradox of our time.


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